World Record
Our rebuilt Ferrari F430 F1s Scuderia actuator holds the world record at 43.3mS by GTE Engineering using  "GTE F1s Superfast TM."

F1 & E-Gear actuator rebuild

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We are the world leader in service, repair/rebuilt & diagnostic for hydraulic actuators for F1 & E-Gear systems. Specialized in Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, R8 Audi & Aston Martin as well all Selespeed system in other cars. Working close with Dealers, Independent shops and Racing Teams for many years... With hands on experience for over 15+ years, and with a state of the art 5000sf (460m2) workshop is where we install and diagnose F1 Systems.

-No one has more experience than GTE Engineering. Many claim rebuilding we make it work…