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At GTE Engineering we are passionate about Italian cars with a manual transmission.

To share our passion and to serve like-minded individuals who enjoy being in control and shift for themselves, we have gated manual conversion kits.

Gated Conversion Kits  to convert Ferrari 360 and F430 cars from automatic F1 to gated manual 6 speed with a clutch pedal. The kits include new quality aftermarket parts and new Ferrari parts.

The kits have already been tested with many cars covering thousands of trouble free miles on multiple continents. We have earned a 100% customer satisfaction. This makes us confident that you will enjoy this kits as well. This also gives us a confidence to increase the parts warranty period to industry leading unlimited mileage, lifetime warranty.

Partnerships & Affiliations

We are in contact with all Gated conversion kit manufactures, including with software and hardware Developers to serve our industry with the utmost trustworthy and best quality out there. 



Ferrari 360 Modena F430 Scuderia

575 Maranello 599 GTB 612 Scaglietti

Gated Manual Conversion

Lamborghini Gallardo & Murcielago

Gated Manual Conversion